Why Pay More For Luxury Shoe Repairs...

Christian Louboutin footwear is becoming increasingly popular and our repair shelves always have at least one pair for The Greatest Shoeman to work his magic on. 

Our prices don't change dependant on what brand you bring into us and neither does the quality of the repair. 

Each item we are entrusted with is given the upmost respect, care, dedication and treatment.  Plus we use only the best possible materials on the market.

Repair Prices:

Stiletto Heel new tips - £7.50

New Rubber Heels - £10-15 

Casali Mirror Red Half Soles - £30.00

Full New Casali Mirror Red Sole- £40.00

Leather repair on inner heel - £10.00

Please note - All prices are a standard fixed rate, however upon receipt of your shoes, if it becomes clear further work is necessary, we will contact you to discuss this and any possible price adjustment there may be.