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The county of Northamptonshire, England, has long be renowned for its Boot and Shoe making, the village of Wollaston is no exception. In 1881 eleven men banded together to form a worker's co-operative (a company owned and run by the people working in it), called the Northamptonshire productive Society (NPS) shoes Ltd.

The premises were based in a dove house locating in Thrift Street, Wollaston, and NPS was locally referred to as 'The Duffers'. Luck was with them from the outset as they managed to secure an order for army boots from the government, an order which would sustain them for the first year. 

As industrialisation spread in England during the late 19th Century, demand in England and abroad for high quality boots steadily increased. Accordingly, NPS enjoyed rapid growth and by the turn on the previous century NPS have grown to 80 employees. Consequently, NPS moved to larger purpose-built factory on South Street, which although modified and expanded, they occupy to this day.

Times change and NPS moved into private family ownership in 2006 but has continued to maintain it's independence and high-quality standards which have secured NPS footwear a reputation with retailers and discerning customers as a premium product.

NPS continue to remain true to their ideals, combining over 130 years of tradition, the latest technology and materials, in order to produce high quality footwear. To maintain this undisputed quality, our products will always be made in the UK from start to finish.