The perfect choice for a brisk walk. Heavy brogue Derby shoe with bellows tongue and storm welt to make it weatherproof, and leather linings and leather uppers for comfort and support. In Acorn Antique calf with a double leather stitched sole.



When selecting your shoe size it is also important to note the Fit. For men’s shoes and boots we stock Fit 5, which is a regular UK standard width. Selected styles are available in Fit 6, which is for a wider foot. For ladies shoes and boots we stock Fit 4, which is a regular UK standard width. Lily is Fit 5, which is a wider fit.



The last is a hard, three dimensional form on which the shoe is constructed. There is a last for every size and width fitting. The whole shape, proportion, fit and character of the shoe starts with the last.

LAST No: 6230

These are true to a regular UK size and suit a standard foot.



Named after Mr Charles Goodyear Jr, who patented the construction technique in 1871, the Goodyear Welt is the trademark of the finest quality Northampton-made footwear.

The welt, a ribbon of leather that runs around the edge of the upper, joins the insole to the upper on every pair of Tricker’s shoes and boots. Constructing a Goodyear welt involves running a lockstitch through the upper, insole and welt, while an entirely separate stitch is used to attach the outsole. The cavity between the welt and insole is then filled with a layer of cork that moulds to the wearer’s foot, providing insulation and comfort.

Whilst labour-intensive, this double-stitch reinforcement makes the shoe incredibly resilient and acts as a waterproof barrier. Plus, as the welt forms an intermediary layer and our welted shoes are sewn together, when your Tricker’s get tired our skilled craftsman can unstitch and repair them, meaning your favourite brogues can live on for years to come.


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Acorn Antique