Introducing Matthew, The Greatest Shoeman

At only 23 years of age, Matthew is an extremely talented young man who has followed in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather before him. 

Matthew showed a natural talent for craft work from a very young age. He enjoyed nothing more than taking things apart and putting them back together, before moving on to projects that required cutting, building and maticulous attention to detail; a skill he has most certainly transferred to his profession.  

When only 15 Matthew began to gather all his knowledge from his father John who spent the next three years demonstrating, instructing and guiding Matthew to be the talent he is today. 

His passion for the shoe industry goes even further than this however as Matthew spends a lot of his time researching and scowering various sources to further enhance his knowledge, and give him new and fresh ideas.  To keep up to date with the ever changing fashion industry, Matthew constantly feeds himself information on different leathers, materials, cleaning products and knows every shoe made by our major suppliers Barkers, Trickers and Joseph Cheaney, including the last used, shades, soles and width available, the material used and the process in which they are formed. 

He owns several pairs of the above named brands and takes great pride in the after care each needs once purchased, something he readily passes on to our customers to ensure they get the very best out of their shoes. 

'The Greatest Shoeman' came about from his sister and co-worker Natalie after witnessing first hand his unique talent when she joined the business in July 2018.  Included on our new logo, bags and branding 'The Greatest Shoeman' name is becoming more recognised and a talking point amongst locals and customers.  His M2O products are under the TGS brand name with each item given a specific name.

Matthew has been with his fiance Lauren since he was 14, they are new parents to baby George who was born 19/9/19 and live with their kitten Ginny, just a short distance from the business. His dream in life is to design and craft a pair of shoes from start to finish.